Osteopathy is a manual approach that intents to restore the mobility and motility of the body’s structures, in order to maintain its homeostasis.

More than a simple serie of manipulations, it is a real philosophy that founds its origins in the U.S, at the end of the XIXe century. One man, Andrew Taylor STILL (1828 – 1917), will dedicate a great part of his life to search and develop osteopathy. He is the real founder of this practice.

Ever since, the osteopathic practice has progressively grown and now there are several thousands of practitioners all around the globe.


In France, since 2004, the professional title of osteopath is recognized. To obtain it, the graduate will have followed around 5000 hours of studies, including around 1000 hours of supervised practice, during 5 years. The use of this title is not, however, reserved for the exclusive osteopaths but is also accessible to others health practitioners, such as physiotherapists, nurses and doctors.


In Ontario, the title of osteopath is reserved for medical doctors, who have followed a specific training in osteopathy, besides their classic medical course. this is not to be confused with the title of “osteopathic manual practitioner” that refers to a practitioner that has :

  • Followed a dedicated training of osteopathic manual practice.
  • registered in a professionnal association that acknowledged his training and skills. This membership allows the practitioner to produce an invoice that can be partly or fully reimbursed by some health’s personal insurance plans.

The osteopathic manual practice is not, for now, regulated in Ontario.

Osteopathic manual practice, whether it’s practiced by a medical doctor or an osteopathic manual practitioner, remains a specific practice, and the best thing to do is to go and see a practitioner that you know and trust. Don’t hesitate to ask your practitioner about his training and degree, and ask your personal health’s insurance plan if it recognizes your osteopathic manual practitioner’s professional association.