The osteopathic manual practice is not, for now, regulated in Ontario. Therefore it is not reimbursed by the Ontario health insurance plan (OHIP).

However, several complementary health insurance plans recognize this practice and reimburse, partly or fully, a session’s invoice.


Indeed, if there is still no order of osteopathic manual practitioners in Ontario, there are several professional associations that are formed by a gathering of practitioners. Those associations are working to represent the  practice and to guarantee a good level of training and skills from their members.

Some of those associations are recognized by some private complementary health’s insurance plans. Therefore thoses insurance plans will be able to reimburse, partly or fully, a session’s invoice.


What you do need to know :

  • Each osteopathic manual practitioner is free to decide for the fee and duration of his sessions.
  • It is not necessary to show your OHIP card when you consult an osteopathic manual practitioner.
  • You can go and see an osteopathic manual practitioner without any prior appointment with your family physician.
  • An osteopathic manual practitioner never does substitute to a medical doctor in any case, and any health deficiency requires to be taken care of by a health professional.

Important notice : Each complementary health’s insurance plan has its own policy, regarding the osteopathic manual practice. But all of them will ask your practitioner to be a member of a recognized professional association.

The invoice produced by your osteopathic manual practitioner must have a proof of a registration to a professional association, if you want it to be reviewed by your complementary health’s insurance plan.

The best way to know if your practitioner’s professional association is recognized, is to ask directly your complementary health’s insurance plan.